House Rules

Dear guests,
to ensure an enjoyable stay at Hotel Kronenhirsch, please read the following house rules and share them with guests travelling with you. Please note that our general terms and conditions (T&Cs) of the Hotel Kronenhirsch also apply, they can be viewed online at

Night Quiet Time
From 22.00: Please observe the quiet time in all rooms, the basement, our staircase and the outside area of our yard and keep noise levels down to a minimum. Be considerate to neighbours and guests and avoid any noise. The hotel expects respectful behaviour and adherence to quiet time not to disturb other guests, residents and staff. Ignoring the night’s quiet time can cause an immediate ban from the hotel. In this case, the guest forfeits his right to continued accommodation and will not be reimbursed for pre-paid fees. If guests breach the quiet time, the guest has to pay the total booking arrangement price, even if the stay has not been completed. Outside of the quiet time we expect you to still be mindful and keep noise to a normal level not disturbing other guests.
Outside food and drinks
The consumption of outside food and drinks on the premises (terrace, garden, etc.) and in the public areas (bar, basement, etc.) is prohibited. In addition, no food and drinks may be taken away from the breakfast buffet (Failure to comply will result in the taken items to be charged to your room). Generated waste of outside food and drinks brought inside the property (in particular empty bottles) must be disposed by the guest outside of the hotel – if do not adhere we will charge a cleaning fee. No glasses are provided for drinks brought from outside.
Electronical devices
The use of electrical appliances such as guests own kettle, hot plates, grills, or the like is not allowed, other than hair dryers and electric shavers.
Receiving visitors in the guest rooms is not allowed. Visitors that do not hold a valid booking in the hotel or are registered as a guest are not permitted inside the hotel. Failure to comply will be considered as a consent by the registered hotel guest to be charged an accommodation fee of their visitors. The fee charged will be based on the current full daily rate and the registered guest holding a booking will be liable for these charges.
Please familiarize yourself with escape routes. Our fire alarm is a loud beep. If the alarm sounds, evacuate your room. Leave the hotel as quickly and orderly as possible. Use the marked escape routes. In case of fire, only use the staircase, do not use the elevator. Emergency Exits are marked accordingly. In case that the staircase is inaccessible, please stay in your room, close the door and draw attention to yourself by opening the window. The emergency escape meeting point is in front or behind our building.
Smoking, illegal drugs and weapons
Smoking is prohibited throughout the hotel and allowed only in designated smoking areas. The hotel is not liable should the fire alarm be triggered by the guest or smoke detectors be deliberately tampered with. The resulting costs (i.e. fire brigade or other security services) are to be paid by the guest immediately. If guests violate the non-smoking policy, the guest will be charged 250.00 euros in cleaning fees. Furthermore, the loss of being unable to rent out the hotel room to other guests for at least the next 3 days (80% of the current room price excluding breakfast) will be charged.

Bringing illegal substances and weapons is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate ban from the property. Also, the authorities will be informed of such cases.
Open fire
In the room, on the stairs, in the corridors, in the basement, in the relaxation lounge open fires, smoking and lighting candles is not allowed. In case of violation, a cleaning fee will be charged.
During your stay in our hotel we ask you to behave environmentally friendly, especially when in regards with water, electricity and food. Warming or cooking food in the room is prohibited. Please pay attention to cleanliness in the rooms. Cleaning, which exceeds standard housekeeping is charged. Ensure that all areas in the room are accessible to be cleaned, as otherwise there will be no cleaning. (i.e. No clothes / luggage / objects on the bed. Desk / nightstand, or floor-free) Staff at Hotel Kronenhirsch are allowed to enter the hotel room during your stay for purposes of cleaning, to carry out repairs and the like. We ask you not to throw sanitary towels and tampons in our toilets, as this can lead to blockages and cause damage. We reserve the right to claim for compensation. Generated waste from outside food and drinks is to dispose of by guests. In particular empty bottles must be disposed of outside the hotel by guests themselves – if not guests leave empty bottles or waste from outside food, we will accordingly charge a cleaning fee.
Damage, Soil, loss of keys
In case of damage or soil of buildings or furnishings, or when the key is lost, the damage caused is to be paid by the guest. The fee for loss of the hotel key card is 10 €. Compensation payments must be made without delay (for group bookings / the main guest will be charged on behalf of the organizer/group and has to pay in advance). Theft and intentional damage of property will be reported to the police. Hotel Kronenhirsch reserves the right to terminate the accommodation agreement without prior notice and with immediate effect should guests violate one or more of the house rules. The obligation of the guest to pay for the entire stay will remain. If an accident happens, and you cause damage in the room, please contact the duty receptionist. Damages which are noticed after departure will be counted as wilful damage and we will proceed accordingly. Any damage will be charged to the guest.
Wireless Internet access
When using WIFI Internet, the policy of data protection and child protection must be observed. Violations are a criminal offence. We have to point out that copyrights of third parties must be strictly observed while using our Internet. In particular, uploads and downloads via file-sharing networks are not permitted and will result in compensation for damages.
Pets are not allowed.
Valuables / luggage
We cannot be held liable for the loss or damage of baggage and valuables (especially jewellery and cash). We assume no liability. The service of luggage stowage is

not protected by the hotel and guests have to supervise their luggage at all times.
Termination by the hotel
The hotel has the right to terminate the accommodation contract (also if the room has already been moved into) with immediate effect and to banish the guest / group from the hotel. Especially if the guest / guest of a group damages the reputation of the hotel, endangers the safety or security, might harm or is suspected of crimes, harasses other guests, residents, passers-by, neighbours or staff. Violation of our general terms and conditions or violations of house rules by a guest or group of a guest will result in the immediate termination of accommodation. This also applies should the guest use the rooms for other purposes than agreed. In these cases, the guest is, if appropriate, is liable to pay damages and to pay for accommodation, as well as to pay for accommodation not used according to the cancellation policy. This also applies to all other accommodation agreements in case of force majeure or for any other good cause within the agreed cancellation policy.
For the duration of your stay you can park for free. Please note that the StVO law applies on site. The property is private and subject to our house rules. The instructions of the hotel staff regarding your vehicle is to be strictly adhered to. Escape routes must not be obstructed, and any violation will cause the towing of your vehicle which will be charged to the guest. Parking your vehicle on our property is at your own risk. Our carpark is not guarded or protected against theft. Our hotel cannot be held liable for damages or theft.
Video Surveillance
Individual areas of our building are under video surveillance. The privacy provisions of the Data Protection Act apply. The guest can receive more information on request at the front desk.
Zero tolerance of violence or insult
Hotel Kronenhirsch does not tolerate violence, insult, abusive, aggressive or disruptive behaviour towards our staff / the owner or other guests. The hotel is entitled to terminate the accommodation contract (also after the room has been occupied) without prior notice and with immediate effect. We reserve the right to ban a guest / guests or Group, if the guest (or a guest of a group) has violated this rule.
House rules violated
The hotel staff are authorized to ban guests. We reserve the right to terminate the existing contract and to withdraw the accommodation agreement if the house rules are disregarded.


A warm thank you

for your attention. If you have any questions about your stay, please contact us at any time. We wish you a pleasant stay at Hotel Kronenhirsch.